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Mission and Vision

At Parkesburg Pulse, our mission is to provide reliable and unbiased news coverage to the community of Parkesburg and its surrounding areas. We aim to be the primary source of information for our readers, fostering an engaged and well-informed citizenry. Our vision is to empower individuals with fact-based news and facilitate meaningful dialogue that helps shape a stronger and more connected community.


Parkesburg Pulse was founded in 2011 with the sole purpose of catering to the informational needs of Parkesburg residents. Over the years, we have strived to maintain the highest ethical standards of journalism, ensuring that our readers receive accurate and timely news reports. While our commitment to this vision remains unwavering, we have evolved to adapt to the changing media landscape, embracing digital platforms to reach a wider audience.

Founder: Rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor, the visionary founder of Parkesburg Pulse, has always demonstrated an unwavering passion for journalism. With a background in investigative reporting and a deep commitment to serving the community, she recognized the need for a reliable news source that residents could trust. Rachel’s integrity, along with her belief in the transformative power of information, continues to be the driving force behind our endeavor to be the quintessential news outlet for Parkesburg.

Website Objective and Audience

The inception of the Parkesburg Pulse website was fueled by a desire to provide the Parkesburg community with a convenient, user-friendly platform that affords accessibility to news. We understand an informed citizenry is vital to a flourishing community, and our digital presence allows us to reach a broad audience in real-time. Our website serves as a one-stop hub, effortlessly connecting readers with the latest happenings in Parkesburg and facilitating insightful discussions on various community issues.

Unique Value

What sets Parkesburg Pulse apart is not just our dedication to reporting accurate news, but also the collective expertise of our team. Our highly skilled and experienced editors, journalists, and contributors work diligently to ensure the authenticity and depth of every news article we publish. As a trustworthy news source, we hold the responsibility of keeping our audience well-informed, unbiased, and engaged. By adhering to this commitment, we foster trust and serve as a catalyst for social progress.

Join us on this journey, where fact and community converge, as we continue to uphold the values that define Parkesburg Pulse.

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